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10 Tips for your Stag & Doe

Updated: Jan 7

Stag & Doe's are a chance for you to have a big blowout with your friends and family, with the added bonus of raising money for your wedding.

Here’s are our 10 tips when planning your Stag and Doe:

Step 1: Pick a date

We suggest setting the date for your party far enough in advance that you can actually use some of the funds you generate. A general rule of thumb is 4-6 months in advance of your wedding.

Step 2: Set the Theme

Everyone loves a good theme party – and bonus points if it coincides with a holiday that is conducive to parties. For instance, having your party on New Year's Eve, Halloween or St. Patrick's Day is a great way to ensure participation and give your guests a great night out!

Step 3: Set a Budget

Now is not the time to go overboard on decorations, or a fancy venue. Keeping the budget small makes it easier to break even and turn a profit. Aim to break even on ticket sales so your profit can come from the bar and games.

Step 4: Food

At any party, especially if you are serving alcohol, it is a good idea to serve food. When it comes to food at your Stag and Doe, you don’t need to get fancy – have things that are easy to eat that people can walk around with. Think chips, pizza, veggie & meat trays, or sandwiches – your guests will thank you, and stay longer!

Step 5: Put your Party to Work

Leverage your bridal party and family’s skills to make your party awesome. Have them sell tickets, gather prizes, and pull in favours so that you are spending as little money as possible. On the day, assign them tasks to keep the party rolling. Your friend who is legally allowed to serve alcohol? Bartender. Your groomsmen who are always making people laugh? Have them MC and get people to buy raffle tickets.

Step 6: Prizes & Games

Big money generators are your raffles and games. The games should be interactive but simple, allowing people to play them without much instruction. When it comes to prizes, we suggest having a raffle with mid range prizes, as well as a draw for a few ‘high ticket items, such as hockey or concert tickets.

Step 7: Research Legalities

Depending on where you live, there are likely some rules and regulations around this type of party. Make sure you research this early on to ensure you have the proper permits and aren’t playing any illegal games so that you don’t get shut down, the night of.

Step 8: Bar

When it comes to this kind of party, keep it simple! Have basic bar rail, standard mixes, a few beer choices, a bottle of red wine and white wine. Have your guests purchase drink tickets at the front door so that your bartenders aren’t having to do the math. Furthermore, set your bar staff up for success by having your citrus cut, glasses ready and of course a tip jar!

Step 9: Music

Having a DJ will keep the party going and ensure that your guests want to hang around. A DJ who also MC's will be able to assist with promoting your games, and announce prizes.

Step 10: Party

Remember that it’s a fun night and a chance for you to hang out with your friends and family. Make sure you take time to thank everyone for coming and helping you get one step closer to marriage!

Have ideas that worked great for your Stag & Doe? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Sound.wav Rentals offers DJ Services for Stag & Doe! Contact us for a quote, or to discuss your event!

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