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Planning a Weekday Wedding? Here’s 8 Things to Consider!

Getting married on Monday through Friday? Here's what you need to know.

Not everyone is able to have a Saturday wedding. If a significant anniversary falls on a weekday, or else they're only able to secure their dream venue sometime between Monday and Friday, a couple may decide to host their ceremony and reception mid-week.

Despite the various advantages of an off-day celebration, there are some disadvantages and logistical issues you'll need to think about.

Expect Low RSVP Rates

Weekday weddings will have a lower RSVP rate than weekend weddings. That's because most guests work during the week, and not everyone will have available vacation days (especially those who must factor in time for travel). But if an intimate ceremony with just your closest family and friends is what you're after, a weekday wedding might be a great fit!

Be Ready to Communicate with Guests

To get the most accurate numbers of guests attending your wedding, it's vital to alert guests far in advance. As a guideline, send the save-the-date a year beforehand, and send the invitation at least three months before the wedding. This will give guests plenty of time to secure vacation days, find babysitters, and arrange their busy schedules!

Consider Long Weekends

Consider booking a long-weekend wedding if you're worried about attendance rates. Most of our off-day weddings happen on holiday weekends, since many people are off!

You’ll Have Your Pick of Vendors

Wedding vendors are in high demand on weekends, since that’s when most of the action goes down. DJs, caterers, photographers, videographers, planners, officiants, and most venues usually aren’t as busy during the week, so you’ll probably be able to book your first choices. This is especially awesome if you’re aiming to have a short engagement (since you’ll have less time to book vendors).

Plan an Evening Ceremony

Almost as important as the date of the wedding is the start time of your ceremony. We suggest having an evening ceremony that begins after 6:30 p.m. so that guests who live nearby won't have to take the full day off of work. Another solution is hosting the cocktail hour before the ceremony, which gives some wiggle room for guests coming straight from work who may encounter traffic.

Don't Expect the Reception to Go Late

Are you hoping for an epic dance party at your wedding? Then getting married on a weekday may not be the best idea. Most guests won't stay until the wee hours of the morning, since they likely have work the next day and won't want to nurse a hangover. Going along with that, weekday weddings work well for couples hosting dry weddings, or if many of the guests won't be drinking alcohol. It means you and your partner can enjoy more time one-on-one (AKA not just passing out in your wedding attire after all the dancing).

Spend Extra Time with Your Guests

Weekday weddings allow extra time with guests. For example - If you have a wedding on a Thursday and are not leaving for your honeymoon until Sunday, you feel less rushed during the wedding because you know you have three more days with your guests. It is very similar to doing a destination wedding, but you are creating the destination at home. If spending time with out-of-town guests is important to you, then a weekday wedding might be up your alley.

You Might Save Some Money

There’s no doubt about it, weddings can be expensive. However, if you host a weekday wedding, you may be able to save some serious cash. Wedding venues and most vendors are typically more expensive to book during the weekend, so if you throw your event between Monday and Friday, you’ll probably be able to save a bit of money on your wedding budget. This will leave you more to invest in things like your honeymoon - and who doesn’t want that? Keep in mind that your guests might also be able to save on airfare and lodging!

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