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10 Games for your Stag & Doe

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Stag & Doe's are a chance for you to have a big blowout with your friends and family, with the added bonus of raising money for your wedding. There’s typically a great deal of Jell-O shooters, loud music and fun party games. They can be indoors or outdoors, just for adults or for the whole family!

Here are 10 fun and easy game ideas to ensure your stag and doe is a huge success!

1. The 50/50 Draw

Guests buy tickets to enter to win half the money collected in the draw.

2. Prize Draws

If you have a large grand prize (tablet, large TV, etc.), prize baskets, or even a door prize, tickets can be sold all night and the winning ticket drawn at the end of the night.

3. Guessing Games

Guests pay for the chance to guess how many items are in a large jar. Keep a board handy with each person’s guess, making sure there are no doubles. At the end of the night, announce the person with the right guess (or the closest guess without going over) and that person wins the jar or other prize or even half the money collected.

4. Lock and Key

Choose a good prize and put it in a box with a lock on it. Throw the box’s key into a pot with a bunch of mismatched keys from various sources. Let guests buy a key and try their luck on the lock. If the lock opens, they get to keep the prize. Some rental places also offer combination security boxes where instead of the key, guests try guessing the code to unlock the box.

5. Toonie Toss

A special prize (of decent value) is placed on the floor. Tape a line about 10 to 20 feet away from the prize and let guests toss toonies to try to get their toonie closest to the prize. The person with the toonie closest to the prize when the game is ended wins the prize. Use strips of masking tape with the guest’s name on it to mark their toonie location as this game can be played throughout the night.

6. Great Canadian Whack Off

Using stumps or boards, guests compete to hammer in nails either in the shortest time, or with the fewest strikes. On counting strikes: a miss is a swing, taps to straighten bent nails count as well. Provide safety glasses!

7. Find The Ace

Sign the back of the cards then at the end of the night flip all the cards and see who got the ace!

8. Measuring Tape

A hall with a high ceiling is needed for this game! Have guests unwind a retractable measuring tape straight up in the air, and the person who can go the highest without the measuring tape falling down is the winner.

9. 2-4 hold

Guests compete at holding up a case of beer or a similar size/weight item that won't smash if dropped, like a stump. Winner gets a case of beer (not to be opened on site). Often this game is split into "his" and "hers" competitions.

10. Mini-putt / Hockey shootout / Golf chipping / Bean bag / Corn hole / Ring toss / Horseshoes

Throw, putt, or shoot with higher scores for difficult targets. You can rent equipment for most of these, or build you own. Mini-putt, hockey shootout, and corn hole are easy enough to put together with plywood, basic tools, and some paint for the hole scores.

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